At Home With Polar Digital Download

At Home With Polar Digital Download

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Digital download of Polarbear's 'At Home With Polar'.

1. Intro
2. Sagat
3. Seven 30
4. Jessica
5. Candlelight
6. The Scene
7. Compton
8. Heartburn
9. David
10. Butler
11. Scotch
12. Repeat
13. Outro
14. Seven 30 (Warrenpeace BIPOLARBEAREMIX)

(all files in 320kbps MP3 format.)

"I'm excited and delighted to be able to present to you and release the first official collection of polarbear's work! Polarbear has been sitting a top the UK spoken word scene for years now. He has pretty much retired from doing regular spoken word shows to concentrate on his celebrated 60 - 90 minute one man stories. That is one of the reasons I twisted his arm to make a collection of his spoken word pieces (that he may never perform again). This album (that will hopefully become a series with other poets doing the same) is just Mr Bear, at home, with a mic. Telling poems and the stories behind them. Enjoy! - Pip"