Distraction Pieces Vinyl

Distraction Pieces Vinyl

Scroobius Pip
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Amid a roll call of collaborators from the worlds of Rock and leftfield hip-hop, Scroobius Pip released his solo album Distraction Pieces on September 19th on Speech Development. Pip with producers Yilla and Worgie - drafted in collaborations from Renholder (aka Danny Lohner NIN / A Perfect Circle), Richard Russell (XL), Steve Mason, Sage Francis, P.O.S. Zane Lowe, B Dolan and Aupheus, for a solo record that represents a collision of Punk, Rock and Hip Hop influences.


Side A

1. Introdiction
2. Let 'Em Come (featuring Sage Francis & P.O.S)
3. Domestic Silence
4. Try Dying
5. Death Of The Journalist

Side B

1. Soldier Boy Kill 'Em (featuring B Dolan)
2. The Struggle
3. Broken Promise
4. Feel It (featuring Natasha Fox)