Kill The Wolf Coloured Vinyl & Download

Kill The Wolf Coloured Vinyl & Download

B. Dolan
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A message from Pip & Speech Development Records

Hey everybody!
Thank you SO much for ordering Kill the Wolf on vinyl. You'll probably notice that many labels are stopping doing vinyl (after it picking up again briefly) due to it not being the most cost effective medium.
But I fucking love putting out music on plastic.
My own, and that of others when we can.
Obviously, as I mentioned it's often not cost effective and one of those risks is when the press is made and there are skips or glitches in there.
That's why I'm writing...
The price has NOT gone up!
But there will be a slight delay.
Basically the first two presses were skipping on some record players.
It would probably have been a small enough issue to just glide by on...but that's not how we do it here at Speech Development Records.
So we have sorted all issues and there will be a slight delay (still waiting on exact details on that) but it's all in the name of getting YOU the highest quality product.
Hope that's okay.
Each record has a download code in and we are looking at whether we can send you the download link on day of release so keep watching this space!
Thanks for your support a patience.
As with every release, we rely hugely on you guys spreading the word and screaming it from the roof tops.
B will be sure to thank you all personally when he hits the road over here in September (dates below, more to be added in Ireland & mainland Europe)!
Until then...keep repping!



Midnight Satin Blue Coloured Vinyl


1. Lazarus
2. Graffiti Busters
3. Stay Inspired
4. Safety
5. Jailbreak ft. Buck 65, Aesop Rock & Dave Lamb
6. Run the Machine
7. Rats Get Fat
8. Who Killed Russell Jones
9. Alright
10. Memory Bombs
11. These Rooms

B. Dolan's latest record is the self-produced "KILL THE WOLF", a sweeping, powerful opus five years in the making. The album reinforces Dolan's status as a complex lyricist and introduces him as a ambitious, versatile producer, dedicated as ever to concept and vision over fleeting hip-hop trends.

This sophomore studio effort on STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS / SPEECH DEVELOPMENT features a supporting cast of talent from a wide range of musical backgrounds, including AESOP ROCK, BUCK 65, ALIAS, CECIL OTTER (Doomtee), KATHLEEN STUBELEK (Circle Takes the Square), DS3K, BUDDY PEACE, and the late DAVID LAMB (Brown Bird).

It would be easy for an album to go astray amidst such varying styles, but Dolan stays in firm command as the expert conductor, driving the album's layered and visionary sound. "KILL THE WOLF" sets out with a goal of demolishing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in a B. Dolan record; bringing the best techniques from his catalogue into a new era of production value by fusing live guitars, analog synths, violins and upright bass with formidable vocals and intricate lyrics.

Five years after shaking the foundations of underground rap with his "Fallen House, Sunken CIty" LP, B. Dolan emerges from the earth, battle-tested, clear-eyed, and sharper than ever.

The time has come to Kill the Wolf.